Global Trade & Energy Corp (G-TEC) Management Team

The G-TEC founder, Jerry Slusser and his team at G-TEC are experienced entrepreneurs with proven track records in project energy construction and finance. Mr. Slusser was the founder of Earthco, a business that converted coal wastes into recycled fuel. Four of the Earthco facilities were sold to Florida Power which, following the sale merged with Carolina Power and Light to form Progress Energy. The total cash payments from Progress Energy to the Earthco group from October 1999 through January 2008 approximated $400,000,000. The Section 29 tax credits generated by Progress Energy from the Earthco transaction through the same period exceeded $2.0 billion. Many of the key participants in Earthco are also currently involved with G-TEC.

Jerry W. Slusser, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Mr. Slusser has served as CEO/Founder or CEO/Restructuring Officer of over 25 companies since 1974. Presently, he is the CEO and majority shareholder of Global Trade & Energy, an International developer of Renewable Energy Facilities. He devotes most of his time to acquisitions, restructuring of existing companies, community affairs and politics. Mr. Slusser graduated from Purdue University, Schools of Engineering and Management with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering in 1968 and received his Master’s in 1969.

Bruce N. Lemons, President, Chief Operating Officer and Director
Mr. Lemons, a lawyer, is deeply experienced in the development of energy projects, particularly energy projects involving governmental incentives. He has participated on the legal side of large US-based utilities’ acquisition of energy projects in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. In the last several years, he has worked as a developer in the real estate, wind, solar, oil and gas and coal arenas, both domestically and internationally.

Kenneth M. Emter, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Director
Mr. Emter holds accreditation as a Certified Public Accountant and has over 25 years of management, accounting and finance experience in the gaming, real estate, manufacturing, energy, and private aviation industries. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, majoring in Personnel Management from the University of North Dakota.

Lawrence R. Leib, P.E., VP and Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Leib has a history of success from conceptualization to implementation through completion of multiple domestic and international electric power generation, cogeneration and polygeneration facilities using both conventional and renewable energy sources. Mr. Leib has had technical and managerial responsibility within both design/engineering and owner/operator organizations.

Mr. Leib has provided technical analysis and management towards development of projects utilizing solid fuel gasification to produce synthetic gas as a feed stock to polygeneration facilities to efficiently generate chemicals, thermal energy and electricity over the past 30 years.
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 1974 Master of Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 1975
Credentials: Registered Professional Engineer, Texas and California

David F. Peaper, Executive Vice President
Mr. Peaper has a career spanning over thirty years in such diverse industries as retailing, manufacturing, mergers and acquisitions, aviation management and operations. He has significant expertise in permitting, construction and process management. Mr. Peaper has lead start-up organizations, managed mature businesses and directed successful turn-around projects, restoring companies to profitability ranging from $15 million to $40 million in annual revenue. A constant focus on adhesion to operations, processes and procedures, including governmental oversight and regulatory compliance has resulted in a performance record of completing projects on time, within budgetary constraints, including observation of workplace safety practices.